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About Us

A good film entertains as it teaches and we are here to give you news of the best films, advances in production, and anything else in between. We are a team of documentary film enthusiasts looking out for what is new and what is trending in the documentary film arena. We know when a new documentary comes out and we scourge the internet to see what viewers and producers say about the film and its plot.

After many years analyzing the film production process, we know what makes or breaks a documentary. As such, we are not only your source of news but also your critic buddies to bring to light what is good or bad about a movie. But, no, we are not here to tarnish the name of any film. As film enthusiasts, we enjoy a good documentary like the next person and this means we are always looking out for the next good film after watching the first.

A Review of Everything Documentary Films

We understand the role that technology plays on the advancement of the film industry. We have seen it all. We have seen more powerful cameras and more ways to edit films. We are here to review new technologies and new ways of making films. We are here when new films come out and we can tell what makes one documentary different from all the others.

How Did It All Start

Urban Roots America is a blog borne out of passion. It was an idea that came up when friends were having a brunch one day after a heated documentary discussion. With so much knowledge of the film industry and in specific documentaries, we decided to launch the site to offer credible insights on the process of filmmaking.

If you haven’t watched documentaries or if you find them less intriguing than action movies, we are here to prove you otherwise. You may not have watched the documentary film that will change your life. From our reviews and recommendations, you can find the documentary that will change your view on what documentaries mean.

If you love documentaries, we are here to share the passion with you. We will have a discussion with you that people in your circles may not want to have just yet.

At Urban Roots America, We Are Your One-Stop Platform for All Your Documentary Film Needs. We Believe that A Good Documentary Should

Giving you a great watching experience

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