Woodworking genre for movies

A moviemaker can also produce nice woodwork designs. Look at Nicholas Sparks, the author of the Notebook. He is a producer and a woodworker at the same time. You may wonder how this is possible. Remember all these are creative arts and share similar characteristics, the only difference is that in woodwork they both involve both physical and mental abilities while in movie making it only involves mental thinking for you to come up with a nice flowing plot with little irony and monolog.

Movie producers are great woodworkers. After a tiresome season of writing and producing a film, you need to relax and reduce anxiety. The last thing you need is to sit and look at TV screens; you need to do some outdoor activities within your home. Woodwork is the best remedy. Why? The fact that you can design and develop a woodwork project that makes you happy, it boosts your confidence and gives you positive energy even to use the same idea to think of developing a movie with such a theme. Many Directors are loving this guide ( http://www.bestcabinettablesaw.com/powermatic-reviews ) or reviews from that site featuring different brands of angle grinder as a sample to get inspiration about the movie.

Most moviemakers admit that their drive to create a movie series came from the very basic and simple home activities. As long as your confidence is enhanced, happiness hormones are stimulated and here you are a motivated moviemaker ready for the challenges associated with the movie industry.

The cognitive development involved in the two subjects improves your logic and reasoning abilities. The voice of logic is vital in woodwork and movie making. You have a theoretical overview of the movie when you are in the field shooting it, it is evident it is not practical. You have to think fast and modify the scene with the theme in mind. Similarly, you have a soft copy design of a woodwork project, in the process of development; you realize it is not practical. Without making more mistakes, you make a few changes to ensure the project is successful.

Not everyone can produce movies, or be a woodworker. These are skills driven by love and passion. Even if you have no training, you can start from scratch. You will realize that you still can do better. What of when I go for some training to sharpen my skills? Unlike formal education where you need education first to work on specific jobs, creative arts need skills. The training in woodwork or movie making is to broaden your mind, sharpen your skills and allow you to use modern technologies to help you venture in them for commercial purposes. Have you heard of a child who has decided to leave a law school and follow his passion? That is the love for art.

Nicholas Sparks, a renowned moviemaker managed his time to ensure he succeeded in both woodwork and movie production. He used the skills from both creative art disciplines to complement one another for his health and physical benefit. The unlimited lessons learned in the woodwork industry enhance your mental and cognitive development.

In general, woodwork and movie production are compatible in many aspects and relevant in many spheres of life.

The Art of Making, The Carpenter from Deep Green Sea on Vimeo.


Different toilets in a movie

Movies portray realities in an ideal forum. Sometimes you even wonder whether it is real acting or the film was captured real time; that should be the main objective of a movie. There should be a thin line between acting and reality. Toilets portray different a setup and the standards of living of the actors otherwise, there will be a serious disconnect between the two scenes. Imagine of a mud house and when the picture of their toilets is shown you see a flush toilet. What comes to your mind? Poor film production and plot unless the theme of the movie needs to display such a scenario.

The view of an actor releasing human waste in a nearby bush, yet it is his home portrays abject poverty; probably that is the theme of the movie. On th12e other hand, if the pit latrine is cemented and has a little modification and painting, the impression is an above average standard of living or a high-class family but poor sanitation and lack of access to water.

Pit latrine in a movie can also show viewers on what people in the developing countries use as toilets since not many people in the developed world believe that they still exist, instead, they relate it to tradition and pre-colonial era.

The natural setup of pit latrine in a typical rural homestead provides a practical scene of what the actors use and it its relevance to the main theme of the movie

Flush toilets show a sense of style, class, and modernity. When a movie changes scenes and all over sudden flush toilets are portrayed be sure of developed infrastructure and enhanced sanitation facilities. Compared to pit latrines, you need to buy a flush toilet set, access to clean water, and development of a septic tank where all the waste are disposed. All these needs money; which people in rural areas may not afford.

The moment a household can afford to stay in a house with a flush toilet, you are also certain they are also in a position to have other luxuries like cars and flashy lifestyle, they even have a tankless water heater that can water temperature or an elegant selection of furnace options here. In a movie, when you see a flash toilet your mind is geared towards high standards of living, of which if that is not the case, you are bound to be attentive and get the irony portrayed in the movie.

What of portable toilets! It is just in movies that you even learn about the existence of some of these things. Movies widen our minds to make us view things from a different perspective.

Visiting a toilet is a private activity, which should be prevented from the glare of the public, but in movies, when they decide to show it, even if the actor does not actually use it, it stimulates our curiosity and helps to enhance the flow of the movie. In most cases, the actor is going to hide something or ignite a fire. It is from this fire that the movie will base its plot. A movie should leave people in suspense and make them glued to their TV screens.


Movie films that focus on GPS

Shooting movies require a high level of technology and expertise, GPS is one such technology of great importance in the movie industry. Movie scenes focuses on variable actions, and an interesting part is, its ability to track a character for continuity of the story line

Bourne Ultimatum

Bourne Ultimatum shows how Bourne used GPS technology to prevent attacks from his enemies. The tracking system of the GPS unit worked out faster and on time to prevent the hit and uses comfortable summer jacket for your safety.

GPS the movie

This movie just as the name suggests uses GPS technology to find some hidden treasure through a contest on a light heart. Instead, the technology opens more ways to save a victim from a kidnapping attempt. The challenge is the time before they are caught up by the kidnappers. The most interesting thing about the movie; is the suspense on viewers since it all seems an inside job or part of the game or rather a test through the competition. The whole judgment is left to the personal opinion of the viewer.

Enemy of the State

It is a state regulation for all state law firms to install GPS tracking tools in their vehicles to ensure they capture stolen goods and vehicles. Robert Dean is a lawyer in Washington DC, in the movie, Enemy of the State, he is a victim of circumstance for political murder cases, with numerous evidence placed on him. He tries to escape from the state, unfortunately, he is not aware he is carrying GPS installed gadgets with strong surveillance. Will he escape? of course not, finally he gets caught by the police for conviction. The same technology used to track him; is the same he uses an evidence for his defense. Never joke with GPS technology.

The Dark Knight

Gotham is a city whose crime rate increased in the recent past. Law enforcers have no option but to capture the criminals who have a high level of intelligence when carrying out the crimes. Batman is the leader of this battalion, Joker is the mastermind behind all these crimes. The only option for Batman is to integrate satellite and phone technology to track him, the high level of technology sees the light of day.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

When gaming and technology meet, all you need is sit and watch as events unfold. This movie shows how a magical map, uses GPS technology to track all events and movement of vehicles within a specified vicinity as a way of monitoring events and characters around the school. All this is Harry’s plan- the main character to prove his third-year stay in school.

The Matrix

This movie portrays how computer hacking can cause mayhem in the entire system. Neo together with other accomplices hacks the system and integrates it with phone devices for them to escape by orally-given directions from an outsider. It turns out to be the rescue mission for everyone in the camp.


Continuity of a movie is a clear indicator of creativity. It is evident, the GPS system is used to plan escape and tracking operations.As a viewer, you are left wondering the mysteries of the unfolding events

Ping pong as inspiration for future

The moment you watch a ping pong film, you get excited and want to start your practice immediately–if you have not been doing them in the recent past. If you are a player yet you have taken it for granted, you are motivated to get out of your comfort zone and start doing something meaningful. The encouragement ping pong film displays to its viewers, is a great motivation tool(www.bestpingpongtables.review/foosball). Why such an inspiration? Ping pong is a brain game which has many physical, mental, social and health benefits. The diverse importance associated with the game ensures every viewer has something to learn from watching it.

Social inspiration

Ping Pong is one game incorporated in many social events apart from just sports activities. Remember the famous Tap Festival in the United States. You watch the fun spectators and fans enjoy the ping pong movies, you are left swearing never to miss any ping pong event. This acts as a catalyst of many more successful things to come because of a simple ping pong film you watched. Ping Pong films not only display the event but also other sideshows beside the game. It could be the food and beverages served, maybe it is in your industry, you ask yourself. Okay, is this the way people run this industry? You have to go out of your way and do something about what you are sitting on.

Physical and mental inspiration

Have you ever watched a ping pong film and just thought, I am a better player? It happens to everyone all the time. On the contrary, you can also watch a game and feel challenged by the level of intelligence as well as the tactical gaming skills. What of the strength and stamina displayed by the players in the film? All this will stimulate some brain cells and hormones to allow you run a soul-searching mission towards achieving your goals.

Health inspiration

This translates to the power and muscular strength required in playing the game. It is a good inspiration to someone undergoing a relapse in a fitness program, apart from just the fun; you are just encouraged to play as a form of exercise for fitness purposes. The overall health benefits of ping pong include reduced blood pressure, increased blood circulation and more so, enhancement of brain reflexes which is the engine behind the inspiration.

Personality inspiration

When you admire a specific character in a ping pong film, chances are there possess some positive character traits which you will borrow to help you in your daily life. The film acts an inspiration to your personality.


Inspiration starts with your cognitive and logical thinking, watching ping pong films allows you to have a “me time” to evaluate and run an audit on lifestyle on social interaction, health, and physical capability with an aim of making a milestone towards various aspects of your life.


Just like any other game, ping pong is an easy yet power- intensive game ideal for people who would love to work on their muscular strength and general physical fitness.

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