For $35 you get the Urban Roots DVD plus 3 packets of organic seeds.


For $100 you get the Urban Roots DVD, an Urban Roots organic T-shirt, and 3 packets of organic seeds


For $250 you get a signed Urban Roots poster an Urban Roots organic T-shirt; 3 packets of organic seeds and the Urban Roots DVD.

Currently, school budgets nationwide do not provide for this activity, so we are taking the lead. Tree Media Foundation has partnered with Sarah Didvar-Saadi and Gina Powell of The Green Schoolhouse, a Los Angeles-based school garden consulting and design build company, to create a pilot program to build school farms. We are calling these farms, “Field of Dreams”.


A Field of Dreams Farm is an outdoor classroom where High School students learn the sustainable practices of planting, composting and water con-servation to grow food with the highest organic nutritional value. Each school will experience the growth cycle of Seed to Harvest to Table. Students will take the message home that growing your own food is a simple and vital process.


Also, schools will have the opportunity to parti-cipate in their communities by growing food for their local community’s food banks and homeless shelters.


Farms in schools across the Nation

The Urban Roots/Field of Dreams pilot project starts in Los Angeles and soon after, Detroit.  Please contact us if you are a high-school or community that would like to put a farm in your school.


The five LAUSD High Schools in the pilot program have Environmental Academies within their curriculum. The following schools have been selected to receive funding for a Field of Dreams.


Alexander Hamilton High School

Global Studies Network Academy


Van Nuys High School

Academy of Health Careers, Nutrition, Culinary Arts


Phineas Banning High School

Global Environmental Science Academy


Roosevelt High School

Academy of Environmental and Social Policy


James A. Garfield High School

Green Architecture and Design Academy


The documentary film “Urban Roots” will be screened at each of these High Schools with a subsequent announcement of their Green Schoolhouse Farm Award.

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When you buy our DVD, wear our t-shirts, plant our seeds you help us put farms in schools.


Tree Media has been committed to fostering sustainable change for over 15 years. Now, in addition to creating media to inspire understan-ding and transformation, Tree Media is creating Tree Foundation. 

The Tree Media Foundation is a charitable foundation with the purpose to support environ-mentally sustainable programs, education, and activities. The Tree Media Foundation also supports deep ecological activities and programs involving human development and conscious-ness.

For more information, email us.

Help us put 
Farms in Schools
Farms in Schools

Phineas Banning High School Farm Site

Van Nuys High School Farm Site

Garfield High School Farm Site

Roosevelt High School Farm Site

Hamilton High School Farm Site

Tree Media Foundation's Urban Roots call to action is to put farms in schools. Across the nation, schools cover large areas of land that are often covered in asphalt. This asphalt-covered land offers up a terrific opportunity to turn it into organic, food-producing land while also creating a valuable, outdoor classroom.

The Green Schoolhouse

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Breaking ground at Garfield High

Breaking ground at Garfield High in East Los Angeles  9/20/2011