Movies portray realities in an ideal forum. Sometimes you even wonder whether it is real acting or the film was captured real time; that should be the main objective of a movie. There should be a thin line between acting and reality. Toilets portray different a setup and the standards of living of the actors otherwise, there will be a serious disconnect between the two scenes. Imagine of a mud house and when the picture of their toilets is shown you see a flush toilet. What comes to your mind? Poor film production and plot unless the theme of the movie needs to display such a scenario.

The view of an actor releasing human waste in a nearby bush, yet it is his home portrays abject poverty; probably that is the theme of the movie. On th12e other hand, if the pit latrine is cemented and has a little modification and painting, the impression is an above average standard of living or a high-class family but poor sanitation and lack of access to water.

Pit latrine in a movie can also show viewers on what people in the developing countries use as toilets since not many people in the developed world believe that they still exist, instead, they relate it to tradition and pre-colonial era.

The natural setup of pit latrine in a typical rural homestead provides a practical scene of what the actors use and it its relevance to the main theme of the movie

Flush toilets show a sense of style, class, and modernity. When a movie changes scenes and all over sudden flush toilets are portrayed be sure of developed infrastructure and enhanced sanitation facilities. Compared to pit latrines, you need to buy a flush toilet set, access to clean water, and development of a septic tank where all the waste are disposed. All these needs money; which people in rural areas may not afford.

The moment a household can afford to stay in a house with a flush toilet, you are also certain they are also in a position to have other luxuries like cars and flashy lifestyle, they even have a tankless water heater that can water temperature or an elegant selection of furnace options here. In a movie, when you see a flash toilet your mind is geared towards high standards of living, of which if that is not the case, you are bound to be attentive and get the irony portrayed in the movie.

What of portable toilets! It is just in movies that you even learn about the existence of some of these things. Movies widen our minds to make us view things from a different perspective.

Visiting a toilet is a private activity, which should be prevented from the glare of the public, but in movies, when they decide to show it, even if the actor does not actually use it, it stimulates our curiosity and helps to enhance the flow of the movie. In most cases, the actor is going to hide something or ignite a fire. It is from this fire that the movie will base its plot. A movie should leave people in suspense and make them glued to their TV screens.